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Lauren Bradshaw, author and designer of Walnut Animal SocietyLauren Bradshaw is the creator of Walnut Animal Society. After the birth of her first son Henry in 2010, Lauren designed an original sewing pattern for a fox stuffed animal. In 2011, this fox became Walnut Animal Society's founding member, Henry the Fox.

Lauren formulated a unique personality and role for every society member, so that children will find a character to whom they most relate. The hope is that their new friend will be an adventurous companion, keeping them company and encouraging creativity and curiosity. The handmade dolls are larger than typical dolls, fostering imaginative play; they are a perfect size to sit at the table for afternoon tea. 

Henry's Bright Idea, the first in a series of storybooks by Lauren, was published in August 2016 (Cameron Kids). The book follows Henry the Fox and Eleanor the Bear on a journey, and explores the mission of the society: "To create, and to always remain curious." Her second book is due in Spring 2018.

Walnut Animal Society believes that encouraging curiosity in children will help them thoughtfully consider their world, to seek answers, and create empathy through understanding. And ultimately, that this will lead to what we value most of all: love and compassion for those around you.  

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